In the city,  2106  Acryl, Vinyl auf Lwd 100x120cm

In the City, 2016

Junge Frau mit Aras 2016 Acryl-Vinyl Lwd 100x120cm Kopie

Junge Frau mit Aras, 2016


Sing for you and for me, 2016

weit entfernt 2016 80x120 acryl-vinyl-lwd

Weit entfernt, 2016

odenwald I  2017 120x120cm Acryl Vinyl Lwd

Odenwald I, 2017

Family Outing, 2017, Acryl, Vinyl auf Leinwand 100x150cm

Family outing, 2017

Wechselspiel-Triptychon-2017, Acryl, Vinyl, Schelllack auf Leinwand, 155x245cm

Wechselspiel, 2017

DEAD END 2018 100x140cm Acryl Vinyl Lwd

Dead End, 2018

Herbst-Zeitlose, 2018 Acryl auf Lwd140x100cm

Herbst-Zeitlose, 2018

She can t always get what she wants, 2018 Acryl, Vinyl auf Lwd 150x120cm

She can’t always get what she wants, 2018

She disappeared and started a new life  2018  Acryl auf Lwd  150x100cm

She disappeard and started a new life, 2018

Catch your dreams before they slip away 2018 60x140cm

Catch your dreams before they slip away, 2018